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I live in Australia (born in Hong Kong). In Cantonese, we refer to hand-knits for family members as “The ‘Warm’ brand”. Meaning that knowing that an item was made by someone who loves me, fills my heart with warmth. 
To me, knitting for my loved ones is like “Gifting them with a Hug”, hence, my designs are "Created Cuddles".
Through my designs, I really want to encourage more and more people to knit for their loved ones…keep giving them hugs in the form of “warm brand” clothes!! :)


I'm a craft lover, knitwear designer newbie, momma of two darling boys, wife of an amazing hubby, child of an indescribable God (and wonderful parents).


Crafts include: knitting, tatting, crocheting, a bit of sewing and quilting. But my talent is stashing :p 

I also tend to find myself baking at midnight and enjoy some food photography ;)

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